Young self taught photographer, Ymy Nigris walk the trails of the world with the gaze of a poet. He spend a year in the Art-School of Nantes, which he left to travel. He especially lived in Australia and in Berlin where he was working as a mixologist. He left this city where he had finally opened a bar in order to devote his time and energy to the development of his artistic career. Exploring the concept of photographic poems, between documentation and dreams, questioning human kind and his relation to the environment, his work is marked by his practice of drawing and painting. He lives between the road, some travels and a small village in the south west of France.

October-December 2017 : 7 au Couteau, Galerie 18, Nantes, France
July-September 2017 : Ce que voit mon ombre, Lumière d'Encre, Céret, France
July 2017 : Voies Off, Invited by la Fontaine Obscure, Boutique de l'Olivier, Arles, France​
March 2017 : Là où les sentiers naissent, Group exhibition, L'Artelier, Tarbes, France​
February 2017 : Poèmes d'ombres, Individual exhibition, La Galerie des Bains de douche, Saverdun, France​
January 2017 ; Rendez-vous Image, Photofair, Strasbourg, France​
December 2016 : La galerie fait sa foire : Voir, Revoir, Avoir, Group exhibition, Galerie Vrais Rêves, Lyon, France​
December 2016 : Étape 2 : L'homme sans aveu, Group exhibition, La Galerie du 48, Rennes, France

Avril 2017 : Photo Crete Experience, Knossos Beach, Crete, Greece.

2017 : Catalog of the photofair Rendez-vous Image
2017 : Web article on
2017 : L’ariégeois magazine for the exhibition “Ce que voit mon ombre”
2017 : La dépêche du midi for "Là où les sentiers naissent"
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