What my shadow sees
     If I had to describe this work, I would describe it first with the color black. This color is the begining. It initiates my work. It symbolizes it. It is the link between everything that I do. Everything is initiated by black. Simply speaking, it fascinates me. It is the inner self. The subjectivity. The possible. It is like white, an imaginery color. Scientificaly speaking, it exist only by the contrast  interpretated by our brain. Black would be the saturation of pigments absorbing light. Black is in the end, something that we do not see, that only exist because of what is around him. Considering this definition, writting with light becomes a paradox.  What is photography, if it isn’t light ? A framed time of light ? 1 thousands of a second of light, 1 hundreds of a second of light, 1 tenths of a second, 1 second, 1 minute or maybe many… This time expresses the conversation I have with reality. It allows me to create images. With those images, I converse with the viewer. I would like him to invite him to contemplate. To hopefully see the beauty in the material. It is the first step of enlightment in alchemy. Contemplating the material. Looking at the world and its beauty! The world is beautiful. “The beauty is in the eye of the person who is watching,” writes Lao Tzu. The world’s contemplation finds its origin in “opening the temple.” The “temple” is everywhere. Contemplation is the first step to meditation and thus, to wisdom. An active meditation through an assumed aestheticization. Like the Romantics, I find God or gods through landscapes. Light is here taken as matter which I manipulate, transform, transmute maybe... to create the images that I want. Alchemy is based on a principal. Every existing thing is composed of salt (body), sulfur (emotions), and mercury (the spirit).    I like the idea that the picture doesn’t really exist until it is printed. The light that I capture stays a spirit, until I deposit it in a body by injecting emotion into a paper. My photography finds its inspiration in my travels. I go through the world like a pilgrim. In a constant quest. Releasing weights, I look for the essential and primal lightness of all. This primary quest finds itself in my images.  This spiritual journey finds it self in the images I am producing. Errance has an important place in my creativ process, I find in it my inspiration. Meditating landscapes born of a unconscious dream. My series have the rythm of walking. They also have the calm. They tell the silence. Solitude express itself here. It that teaches us to live with others, is a necessity. And document in a certain way, those contemplatives walks. They are daily. I show the anodyne and express its beauty.
    The photographic act is more emotional than premitited and tells the poems of the trails.

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