Since childhood, it is through comics and animation, that my relationship to the image was drawn. From these practices, my obsession with a symbolic aesthetic was born.

Later, it was the meeting with an art historian who led me to experiment with other forms of art. The representation gave way to the expression.

Having lived in France and abroad, I took a taste of the world in its diversity. I currently live between paths, some trips and a small village in the south-west of France. I'm going to Japan for a year soon to explore my language in a cup of tea.


My approach is committed politically, ecologically and spiritually. I am a humanist aware of the environment, walking towards an absolute.
To walk is to create.

"... to walk is not only to be there in the world, it is to be interrogative: to walk is to question the state of the world, it is to weigh what it can offer to the men who are there; the march is an experimentation of the world and its values. "Jean-Marc Besse, The taste of the world, Actes Sud.

My current work is determined to find a bridge between subjectivity and objectivity.
Seeking a fair language, I constantly question the plasticity of photography. My practice finds its essence in silence, emptiness and non-action. Through the contemplation of landscapes, I try a poetic approach of current subjects.

I do not try to represent reality. My work is symbolic and philosophical. I question but also try to provide possible answers.
I consider photography as a material that I can transform. Transmute would be more accurate. This idea of elevation is very present in what I do.

Art is for me a discussion but also a gift to the viewer.

2018 : Les terres affammées, Corridor Elephant, exposition virtuel.
2018 : Opposition photographique, American University Gallery, Paris, France.
2018 : Photo Crete Experience, Heraklion, Greece.
2017 : Un rêve de Noël par Laviolette Gallery, Paris, France.
2017 : Ref//exion, Green Hill Gallery, Berlin, Germany. 
2017 : 7 au Couteau, Galerie 18, Nantes, France
2017 : Ce que voit mon ombre, Lumière d'Encre, Céret, France
2017 : Voies Off, Invited by la Fontaine Obscure, Boutique de l'Olivier, Arles, France​
2017 : Là où les sentiers naissent, Group exhibition, L'Artelier, Tarbes, France​
2017 : Poèmes d'ombres, Individual exhibition, La Galerie des Bains de douche, Saverdun, France​
2017 ; Rendez-vous Image, Photofair, Strasbourg, France​
2016 : La galerie fait sa foire : Voir, Revoir, Avoir, Group exhibition, Galerie Vrais Rêves, Lyon, France​
2016 : Étape 2 : L'homme sans aveu, Group exhibition, La Galerie du 48, Rennes, France

Avril 2017 : Photo Crete Experience, Knossos Beach, Crete, Greece.

 2018 : Niepcebook n°7, magazine papier, série «Les traces du soleil».
2018 : Bokeh Bokeh, webzine, série «Les traces du soleil».
2018 : Photographic Mercadillo, page Facebook, portofolio.
2018 : Scriptphotographie, page facebook, série «Les traces du soleil».
2018 : Revue Camera, page Facebook, série «Ce que voit mon ombre».
2018 : Revue Camera, page Facebook, série «Les traces du soleil».
2017 : Catalogue du salon Rendez-vous Image, série «Ce que voit mon ombre».
2017 : pour le salon Rendez-vous Image, webzine, série «Ce que voit mon ombre».
2017 : L’ariégeois magazine pour l’exposition “Ce que voit mon ombre”
2017 : La dépêche du midi pour l’exposition “Là où les seniers naissent»


2017 : Là où les sentiers naissent, l'Artelier, Tarbes, France.
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