I started to study calligraphy when I arrived in Japan, in September 2018. Today I have the 5th DAN in this discipline. Still a long way to be called "master". It is anyway a long life practice, that has no end. In japanese, there is this expresion 初心 (shoshin), "the spirit of the beginer". In Zen Buddhism and martial arts, 初心 refers to the concept of approaching life or a task with an open, eager, and unbiased mind, much like a beginner. This is often seen as an important attitude to maintain throughout one's life. This word is calligraphed on the first image on this page.
Ink painting (sumi-e) came naturally in my path and I started to study it soon after.

My works are generally linked to zen and tea ceremony.

You may found on this page a few selected work.
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