Heritated lands
Work in progress
Initiated in 2023, this project is a long-term endeavor. It serves as an overview of the countryside. My interest lies in observing the state of rural landscapes, cultivated fields, abandoned and under-construction houses, as well as our relationship with the land. In this work, I photograph the landscapes of my immediate surroundings—the outskirts of my village. Despite the limited area, these landscapes are remarkably ordinary and possess universal value.
Here, I aim to shed light on our interaction with the environment and our position within it. This project directly stems from the methodical approach I initiated in "Every Day is a Good Day" (see below) and aligns more with ecological reflection. Cultivated lands never rest; it's one plant after another. We slowly degrade our soils. We build instead of renovating. We plant trees in neat rows that we call "forests." What legacy have we inherited, and what legacy will we leave behind?
This work will be punctuated by studies of the same landscape over several years, including images of symbolic elements related to the subject.
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